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James Lee, July 20, 1973

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Oral history interview with Mr. James Lee of Portland, Oregon. TAPE 1, SIDE A: 0 - 2 Came to Portland in 1929 from Texas. Family background. He was a railroad worker. 2 - 5 Black churches in Portland. Black social clubs and organizations. Blacks lived mostly between the river and Broadway. Black businesses. 5 - 9 Well-known blacks in the area. NAACP. He has one daughter who attended school in Portland. Maintains contact with relatives in Texas. 9 - 13 Entertainment for blacks. Famous singers and dancers. Work as a porter for the Pullman Company. Other work. Black unions. 13 - 18 Blacks coming into Portland during World War II. Most blacks were Republican through the 30's. Black politicians. Shipyard work, during WW II. 18 - 23 Housing for blacks in Vanport City which was washed away in the 50's. 23 - 25 He still thinks lots of new blacks come into Portland. Knows blacks in surrounding areas. 25 - 27 Found out about blacks in other areas through the NAACP. The Sentinel, a black newspaper. 27 - 30 One school named after a black. No contact with other ethnic groups. Feelings about living in Portland. TAPE 1, SIDE B: 0 - 3 More about his feelings about living in Portland. Not many jobs were open to blacks. 3 - 4 More about work in the NAACP.The Civil Rights Digital Library received support from a National Leadership Grant for Libraries awarded to the University of Georgia by the Institute of...

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