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Niagara Movement, 'The Original Twenty-Nine'

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Twenty-nine men representing fourteen states attended the founding meeting of the Niagara Movement in 1905 held on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls because accommodations for the group could not be found in Buffalo, New York. Left to right, top to bottom: J.L.R. Diggs, H. L. Baily, W. Justin Carter, W. H. Scott, I. F. Bradley, Alonzo F. Herndon, W. H. Richards, B. S. Smith, Frederick L. McGhee, William Monroe Trotter, G. R. Waller, H. A. Thompson, W. H. H. Hart, L. M. Hershaw, W. E. B. Du Bois, Charles E. Bentley, Clement G. Morgan, F. H. M. Murray, J. Max Barber, George Frazier Miller, G. H. Woodson, James L. Madden, H. C. Smith, E. T. Morris, Richard Hill, Robert Bonner, Byron Gunner. Not shown: E.B. Jourdain (Massachusetts), George W. Mitchell (Pennsylvania).
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