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SAVF-Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) (Social Action vertical file, circa 1930-2002; Archives Main Stacks, Mss 577, Box 47, Folder 11)

@ Wisconsin Historical Society

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee


This folder contains a number of planning documents for Freedom Summer, as well as an in-depth report outlining the local resistance faced by civil rights volunteers throughout the project's duration. Also included are agendas and meeting minutes from SNCC leadership conferences and special reports on Leflore County, Mississippi, and the city of Selma, Alabama. One additional highlight is the October, 1966, edition of SNCC's newsletter, "Aframerican."
Flyers And Handbills Correspondence Meeting Minutes Press Releases Periodical Articles Newspaper Clippings Reports And Surveys Memoranda Affidavits Poems Pamphlets
Copyright to these documents belongs to the individuals who created them or the organizations for which they worked. The principal organizations have been defunct for many years and copyright to their unpublished records is uncertain. We share them here strictly for non-profit educational purposes. We have attempted to contact individuals who created personal papers of significant length or importance. Nearly all have generously permitted us to include their work. If you believe that you possess copyright to material included here, please contact us at Under the fair use provisions of the U.S. copyright law, teachers and students are free to reproduce any document for nonprofit classroom use. Commercial use of copyright-protected material is generally prohibited.
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  1. Aelony, Zev
  2. Africa
  3. Allen, Ivan
  4. Allen, Ralph
  5. Arson
  6. Bail
  7. Baker, Ella
  8. Barry, Marion
  9. Black Muslims
  10. Black Power
  11. Block, Samuel
  12. Bombings
  13. Bond, Julain
  14. Carmichael, Stokely
  15. Castro, Fidel
  16. Chaney, James
  17. Civil Rights
  18. Civil Rights Demonstrations
  19. Civil Rights Movements
  20. Civil Rights Workers
  21. Cobb, Charles
  22. Communism
  23. Community Centers
  24. Congress Of Racial Equality
  25. Council Of Federated Organizations (U.S.)
  26. Cuba
  27. Demonstrations
  28. Discrimination
  29. Discrimination In Employment
  30. Du Bois, W.E.B
  31. Dunlap, Charles
  32. Eastland, James O
  33. Economic Conditions
  34. Education
  35. Farmer, James
  36. Forman, James
  37. Freedom Rides
  38. Freedom Schools
  39. Freedom Singers
  40. Gilkey, Joyce
  41. Goodman, Andrew
  42. Gray, Victoria
  43. Guyot, Lawrence
  44. Hall, Prathia
  45. Hamlett, Ed
  46. Hansen, Bill
  47. Harris, Don
  48. Harris, Jesse
  49. Henry, Aaron
  50. Hill, Lister
  51. History
  52. Housing
  53. Intimidation
  54. Jail Experiences
  55. Jails
  56. Kennedy, John F
  57. Kennedy, Robert F
  58. Kerner, Otto
  59. King, Edward
  60. King, Marion
  61. King, Martin Luther, Jr
  62. Law
  63. Lawyers
  64. Lewis, John
  65. Lynching
  66. Lynd, Staughton
  67. Marshall, Burke
  68. Matthews, Zeke T
  69. Mc Dew, Charles
  70. Mc Swine, Welton
  71. Merideth, James
  72. Minnis, Jack
  73. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  74. Mississippi Freedom Schools
  75. Morley, Hunter
  76. Moses, Robert
  77. Muhammad, Elijah
  78. Naacp Legal Defense And Educational Fund
  79. Nash, Diane
  80. Nonviolence
  81. Perdew, John
  82. Police
  83. Poll Tax
  84. Powell, Adam Clayton
  85. Racism
  86. Richardson, Gloria
  87. Robinson, Reginald
  88. Robinson, Ruby Doris
  89. Sanders, Carl E
  90. Schwerner, Michael
  91. Sclc
  92. Segregation
  93. Sellers, Cleveland
  94. Sherrod, Charles
  95. South Africa
  96. Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  97. Sparkman, George
  98. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
  99. Till, Emmett
  100. Travis, James
  101. United States
  102. United States Commission On Civil Rights
  103. United States. Congress
  104. United States. Congress. House. Committee On Un American Activities
  105. United States. Department Of Justice
  106. United States. Federal Bureau Of Investigation
  107. United States. Voting Rights Act Of 1965
  108. Universities
  109. Universities And Colleges
  110. Vellamy, Fay D
  111. Vietnam War, 1961 1975
  112. Violence
  113. Voter Education Project (Southern Regional Council)
  114. Voter Registration
  115. Voting
  116. Wages
  117. Wallace, George
  118. Werner, Hank
  119. White Citizens Councils
  120. White Community Project Workshop
  121. Willis, Edwin
  122. Yancy, Bobbi

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