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Changing World; South African Essay, Part 1: Fruit of Fear. Reel 1


WGBH Educational Foundation National Educational Television and Radio Center Chutter, Cynthia Bywaters, Thomas Jeffries, Peter Macartney-Filgate, Terence Paton, Alan Luthuli, Albert Pienarr, Scott Bywaters, Tom Olivier, Nicholas Hill, Doris Themba, Can Filgate, Terence de Blank, Joost Waring, Frank Nkosi, Morley Fridjohn, Harold Nakasa, Nat


Episode Number: 7The first of the two hour-long programs in 'South African Essay' reports on the situation in South Africa today- the dual standards of living, from the affluent world of the whites ... to the ghettos where the majority lives a segregated life."--1965 Peabody Digest. This program describes relations between blacks, Afrikaaners and other whites, and those of mixed race in South Africa. It includes interviews with blacks, with liberal whites who oppose apartheid, and with white government and business leaders who support the status quo. Footage of blacks and whites together depicts servant-master or worker-employee relations. It also includes footage of whites at parties, at the beach, and in the stock exchange; footage of blacks at a wedding, a funeral, at parties, at the beach, in cities, and in the segregated townships where they live. Also includes footage of blacks singing as they move in unison to repair city streets; at a riverside baptism; and being strip-searched, fingerprinted and tested for suitability for mine work and working in diamond and gold mines. South Africa today is a nation caught in the undercurrent of a smoldering segregational conflict called Apartheid - the political, social, and economic doctrine of separation of the races. Apartheid is forced on a black majority by a white minority which is outnumbered four to one. The first of the two programs in South African Essay reports on the situation in South African today: the dual standards of living, from the affluent world of the whites...
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