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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of Georgia House of Representatives clerk Glenn Wilson Ellard reading a committee report regarding integration at the University of Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia, 1961 January 19

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WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this WSB-TV newsfilm clip from the Georgia House of Representatives in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 1961, House clerk Glenn Wilson Ellard reads the report of a special committee on integration at the University of Georgia to the legislative body. The audio portion of the clip fades out at several points. Speaker of the House George L. Smith appointed the special committee "to investigate and ascertain the incidents which were precipitated by the entrance of two Negro students to the University of Georgia, Athens." The recorded sections of the report cover classes, demonstrations, and students, and include a petition signed by university faculty and statements and responses of Dr. Harmon W. Caldwell, Chancellor of the University System and of Robert O. Arnold, chair of the Board of Regents.According to the report, newsmen who were on campus to witness and record the school's integration interfered with classes; on January 19, as many as thirty newsmen followed African American students Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes on campus. After contacting press associations about reporters' behavior, the university was assured of better behavior. The report details several campus demonstrations, including the January 11 riot at Hunter's dorm, Myers Hall, that resulted in minor injuries to several people and the suspension of Hunter and Holmes. The report also highlights the committee's concern that university officials were limiting students' rights to demonstrate and express opinions. Questions and statements between representative George B. Brooks, chair of the special committee and representative for Oglethorpe County, and Chancellor...
Ellard, Glenn Wilson, 1912-2001
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