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Letter from James Miller M'Kim, Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania], to Mary Anne Estlin, 1853 Oct[ober] 18

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Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.James Miller McKim writes to Mary Anne Estlin in regards to his voyage back to the U.S. with Richard Davis Webb and of his time in New York before his return to Philadelphia. He writes of his editor of the "Pennsylvania Freeman" being disabled by a hemmorhage from the lungs so that he is unable to resume his duties. He writes of antislavery meetings held in the woods and are "very effective." He wishes people could read the Bible without being influenced by the clergy. He writes of the American Anti-Slavery Society affairs. He writes of an incident with a white man and four fugitive slaves who were caught: "two of the slaves gave up without resistance'; the other two fought...but were overpowered." He writes of William Still, his assistant and chairman of the Philadelphia antislavery office. He looks back to his English friends for news and shares memories of his visit while abroad. He asks of her father's health. He inquires into the Edinburgh conference.
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