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Lamar schools reopening after violence--outtakes

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WIS-TV (Production unit)


Medium shot school bus enters schoolyard. Medium shot Highway Patrolmen in riot gear. Long shot tank with National Guardsmen. Medium shot Guardsmen. Long shot helicopter flying overhead. Long shot students disembarking from school bus. Long shot students. Long shot men being frisked. Closeup man in patrol car. Long shot J. P. Strom, Chief of State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) gesturing for group of men to leave schoolgrounds. Long shot Guardsmen and Highway Patrolmen. Long shot over shoulder of two Highway Patrolmen with rifles at ready, looking toward crowd. Various shots of Guardsmen and Patrolmen, newsmen and students. Medium shot Sharon Cowdy, a senior at Lamar explains that she thinks it is a "disgrace" that people should interfere with the educational process. Long shot Dick McMichael (stand-up) says Arthur Stanley, Darlington NAACP President has advised students to boycott classes today. He wants Federal marshalls to enforce the Federal orders. Schools had closed following the Lamar riots on March 3, 1970, when approximately 150-200 white men and women rioted in a violent response to court-ordered desegregation in Lamar, South Carolina. Rioters attacked buses carrying elementary to high school aged children, fought with law enforcement officers, and overturned two empty school buses that students had recently fled.
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