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Oral history interview with Mildred Luxenburg / interviewed by Michael Gillitzer

@ University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Birth, 1910 -- Move to La Crosse -- Life in La Crosse after WWII -- First job -- African American population -- Religious beliefs -- Marriage -- Life in the 1950's -- Fallout shelters around La Crosse -- Local government -- African Americans begin attending UW La Crosse after Korean War -- Local racism -- Political beliefs -- Second husbands’ bar -- Morals in the 1950's -- Products in the 1950's -- Competition between neighbors -- Korean War -- Night out in La Crosse -- Oktoberfest -- Topics in the bars -- Disciplining children -- Making one's own entertainment -- First television -- Yearnings -- Welfare in the 1950's compared to now -- Trane Company -- La Crosse Brewery -- Rich areas in La Crosse -- Growth of La Crosse -- Television in the 1950's compared to the 1980's -- Cars driven in the 1950's -- Marriage during the depression -- Treatment after divorce -- Expenses in the 1950's -- Son’s birth, 1928 -- Raising a son at the end of WWII -- Growth of UW La Crosse -- Son's move to ChaInterviews form basis for student reports cataloged separately.; Forms part of: La Crosse Urban History Project, 1945-1960, conducted by students of History 325, American Urban History, at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 1987. La Crosse owns supplemental material: 2 sound cassette.00:00:19.5—Birth, 1910 | 00:01:09.9—Move to La Crosse | 00:02:39.5—Life in La Crosse after WWII | 00:03:15.6—First job | 00:03:59.2—African American population | 00:06:05.0—Religious beliefs | 00:07:26.4—Marriage |...
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