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Birmingham's No. 1 Fire Station

Hunt, O.V.;


"Birmingham's No. 1 Fire Station located in old City Hall on 4th Ave. N. at S.E. corner of its intersection with 19th street. This photograph was made in 1927 and shows the last horse drawn equipment at this station. The Chief in the automobile at the right is Middleton, who is at the wheel of the right side steering. His attendant is "Wing" a famous negro who rode with Fire Chief Mullon predecessor of Middleton when Mullen drove a fast trottery horse. An arrival at the scene of the fire "Wing" took over the "trotter" and later the motor car and acted a courier and aide to the chief. It is a legend in the fire dept. that Mullen used Wing to hold him in his buggy when he made some right angle turns with his trotter going at a 2:20 clip." - William H. Brantley
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