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Pearlie Dove interview

@ Atlanta History Center

Merritt, Carole


In this interview, Dr. Pearlie Dove discusses her decision to choose education as a field of study. She recalls her involvement for the struggle for equalization of pay for black teachers in Atlanta in the 1940s, and explains her participation in efforts to improve the conditions of Atlanta’s black schools. Dove describes her assessment of public education in Atlanta in terms of segregation, desegregation, re-segregation, and the quality of education for African American students. She ends the interview by discussing the 1973 Atlanta Compromise and how she became involved in the Carter Center’s Atlanta Project.Pearlie Dove was in born at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia in 1921. She grew up near Ellis Street in the Washington Park district on the west side of Atlanta. Her father was a restaurateur and her mother worked as a bookkeeper at Atlanta Life Insurance Company. Ms. Dove graduated from Clark University in 1941 with a degree in education and a doctorate from the University of Colorado.
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