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Dox Thrash and Humbert Howard at a Pyramid Club Art Exhibition

@ Temple University

Mosley, John W


Photograph of Dox Thrash (second from left), Judge Millen (third from right), and Humbert Howard (first from right) at the Pyramid Club. Through 1914-1917 Thrash studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago before serving in World War I as a member of the 365th Infantry Regiment. By 1925 he settled in Philadelphia and his work was featured consistently in its Tra Club. His paintings and prints have been featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Howard University Gallery of Art, the Pyramid Club (1946), Smithsonian Institute (1948), the Newark Museum (1971) and in various publications and collections across the United States. Howard was a well-known Philadelphia painter and graduate of West Philadelphia High School (1932) and eventually completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He also studied at the Barnes Foundation and the International Academy of Arts and Letters in Rome.

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