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Series of WSB-TV newsfilm clips of scenes typical of the Albany Movement including the bus boycott, Albany Movement president Dr. William G. Anderson speaking with attorney C. B. King, and an interview with U.S. representative William F. Ryan of New York in Albany, Georgia, 1962

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


This compilation of WSB newsfilm clips of Albany, Georgia, from 1962 includes scenes of the Albany Movement-led bus boycott; silent shots of Dr. William G. Anderson, president of the Albany Movement, speaking with attorney C. B. King in a law office; and an in-the-street interview with U.S. representative from New York, William F. Ryan.The clip is divided into two parts. The first part begins with silent images of empty buses parked in the Cities Transit lot where an African American man cleans them. Next, Albany mayor Asa D. Kelley states that his greatest fear is a federal injunction on the city and the arrival of federal marshals. After this, scenes of mostly empty buses are interspersed with clips of African Americans cycling, walking, and using the carpools organized by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); and of white and African American Cities Transit employees working on the bus lot. At one point, SNCC leader Charles Jones is seen standing on a corner speaking with other African American men.After the January 12, 1962 arrest of Albany State College student Ola Mae Quarterman, called by some the "Rosa Parks of Albany," and the continued segregation of the bus station's lunch counter, the movement had broadened its boycott to include the city's bus line. Moreover, Cities Transit did not employ any African American bus drivers. The success of the boycott caused the cessation of bus service during parts of February and again from March 6 through 1964.Later Albany Movement president William G. Anderson...
Kelley, Asa D., 1922-1997Jones, Charles, 1937Ryan, William F., 1922-1972Valeriani, Richard
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