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Illustration: Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni; Iyaz (His Slave); and the Poets Firdawsi, 'Unsuri, and 'Asjadi; Leaf from Book of Kings (Shahnama)

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This folio from Walters manuscript W.603 depicts Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni; Iyaz (his slave); and the poets Firdawsi, 'Unsuri, and 'Asjadi.Folio: 2bIllustrationLanguage: Persian
H: 13 3/8 X W: 7 11/16 In. (34 X 19.5 Cm)Ink And Pigments On Laid Paper Qajar Dynasty Illuminated Manuscripts Folios (Leaves)Manuscripts And Manuscript Illuminations
Created Date:
13th Century Ah/Ad 19th Century (Qajar)
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