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Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 3 Film 3

@ Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehabilitation Campus

Georgia Warm Springs Foundation


Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive Film 3 is a thirteen minute and thirty-four second compilation of promotional silent newsreel clips produced sometime between 1930 and 1950, sponsored by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, a health resort and rehabilitation center in Meriwether County, Georgia. This film depicts a polio patient arriving at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation by train; views of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation grounds; housing accommodations, dining, and amenities available to visiting patients and guests; and medical facilities, therapeutic treatments, and adaptive aids for disabled patients. Eight seconds of the film have been redacted for privacy purposes; this footage appears as a black screen.The film begins with an initial title card that reads "Roosevelt Warm Spring Archive Film 3." This is followed directly by three more title cards. The first title card reads "The Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, Warm Springs, Georgia"; the second title card reads "A Center for the Study and After-Care of Poliomyelitis"; the third title card reads "An ambulance is available for meeting trains and special trips." Next, a train pulls into a small train depot, where two men stand beside a dark-colored medical vehicle waiting for the train to stop. Several train conductors can be seen at the exits of the train as it slows down to stop at the platform. The clip breaks, and in the next shot, a young female patient is pulled out of the train on a stretcher; after another break in the clip, the patient is next seen being wheeled...
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