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Letter to] Dearly beloved Brother Garrison [manuscript

@ Boston Public Library


Holograph, signedTitle devised by catalogerManuscript recto bears annotation, written in pencil above May's salutation to Garrison, reading "112". At the bottom of the recto is annotated, in pencil, "V 36, P57"Samuel Joseph May forwards to William Lloyd Garrison an article he intends to publish in the Christian Register, which he requests that Garrison and Richard D. Webb review as he cannot be certain that his "recollections of the persons & facts" recounted therein are entirely correct. May requests that Garrison return the article to him if he feels it merits substantial re-editing, and to forward it to Mr. Bush should he find only minor corrections to be made. May informs Garrison that if he feels edits need to be made to reduce the length of the article, he may feel free to remove the paragraphs respecting Mr. Barbadoes. May declares that his next articles will concern the Underground Railroad, the "Texas affair", the Fugitive Slave Act, the "Rescue of Jerry", and the early days of the Civil War
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