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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 17, page 184, September 16-17, 1861

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Describes his visit to Niagara Falls. Transcription: 171 From Niagara to Rochester. To the house again by 10, then set off to walk back to Niagara City. Mrs. Griffin had just let the hotel to a private family; it was all unfurnished above. Her cottage is let, too; she intends renting a smaller one. Returning and walking hastily sprained the unlucky ankle again, to the vil vociferous exultant laughter of a negress walking with others of her color in the rear. I think nearly all ignorant people, including children, are naturally cruel. To bed at the U. S. hotel. 17. Mon Tuesday. A rainy morning, deterring my intended return to the falls. Reading in and about the bar. An objectionably soapy landlord (who could not resist the temptation of a small overcharge when I paid his bill subsequently) of English Canadian antecedents, a coarse fellow, engaged as “runner,” and a promiscuous dropping in of Americans, most of whom swore so odiously as to remind me of the opinion of Bella’s father touching the cause of the decline and fall of their country. A visit to the Railroad depôt, got things passed “at the Custom-house. An abortive attempt to walk to the falls. Return. Off by rail at 2 1/2. Rain. At Rochester by 4 1/2. To [Edward] Heylyn’s store, where I found the boy Johnny, who piloted me to a house just taken by his master, not far from his former one. There I
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