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Adams Tampico Chewing gum. Each wrapper has a different Picture and joke, from "The Judge."

@ The Library Company of Philadelphia


Gum wrapper for Adams & Co. depicting a cartoon originally published in the satiric magazine "The Judge" and showing two African American men (Mister Johnson and Brother Snow) conversing on a dirt path after church services. The man in the left has a beard and is attired in a long overcoat, pants, and a top hat. He holds a "prayer" book and umbrella under his left arm and gestures to the other gentleman with his right arm. The gentleman in the right has a beard, wears glasses, and is attired in an over coat, striped pants, and top hat. He holds an umbrella as a walking stick in his left hand and carries a book under his right arm. He looks toward the gesturing man. Part of a wooden fence and skyscape are also visible. The Brooklyn gum manufacturer Adams & Co. operated circa 1871-1899. In 1899 Adams merged with six other chewing gum companies to form American Chicle Company.; H Mitchell.; Title from item.; Date inferred from content reproduced from The Judge.; Caption: A Miracle. "What wuz de tex' dis mornin', Mister Johnson? I wuz too late."/"It wuz about de meracles, Brother Snow. Whar de Lor' fed seven people on five t'ousand baskets of fish."/ "I don't see any meracle about dat."/"Oh, de meracle am, dey all didn't bust."

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