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Series of WSB-TV newsfilm clips of street rioting, Savannah police headquarters, and a mass meeting attended by civil rights activists Andrew Young, James Bevel and Robert Spike, Savannah, Georgia, 1963

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


This silent WSB newsfilm clip from 1963 includes shots of firemen extinguishing a dumpster fire; an African American man washing a Savannah police department squad car; police officers playing guitar, singing and dancing; Savannah police headquarters; local street and sidewalk activity; a police round-up of African American protestors; county jail; and a mass meeting with civil rights activists Andrew Young, James Bevel, and Robert Spike in attendance.The clip, which is about five minutes long, begins with a series of shots of a dumpster fire in a lot adjacent to a hardware store; first, a man tries to put out the fire with a canister extinguisher, next, a firetruck rushes by, and a group of firemen extinguish the blaze with firehoses, while a white cameraman steps into the shot as he films the activity. This is followed by several shots taken at the Savannah police station, which include an African American man washing a squad car; white police officers and employees enjoying downtime while singing, smoking, listening, and dancing to music played by a police officer on his guitar; and a closeup of the sign outside of the Savannah police station.Next, several scenes depict daily activity on the streets of Savannah, these include an African American youth bicycling down a residential street balancing a large box, a busy sidewalk populated by African American pedestrians, and several shots of Savannah's Broughton Street retail district. After a break in the clip, a large group of African American men exit a building in an...

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