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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 1, page 135, July 3-4, 1850

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Describes his journey back to New York and a parade for the Fourth of July celebration. Transcription: delphia thereon, and give Boston magistrates the control of it. / Colored man seated beside me, Scotchman opposite. N----- partly drunk, though good-temperedly so, gasconading of his voyagings in all parts of the world. Passengers chaff him somewhat. Country very pleasant, well wooded, green, wet and solitary. Fine quiet river. Divers villages, townships, Kingston, Greenwich, East River, Providence (minding one of Jabez Wing.) At length we reach Stanington — then embarkation in the huge Vanderbilt. Stowed myself on the bales and boxes, few eyes of brandy, thoughts of home, and half a score of intermittent. . . . 4. Thursday. . . . .dozings all night, diverted by divers walks on deck ; until I woke up to find myself along side Pier No 1 by the old Battery. Laying hands on carpet bag, forced my way through the crowd of loafers and touters there congregated, and strode on for [168] Duane, having the drop-pocket book dodge tried on me by the way, by one “bittered under Mercury”, who must needs think carpet bag intimated gullibility. Arrived at about 5, lie in bed, (curtains closed of course — dreadful thing fresh air ) and room smelling vilely. Had a bath, then dressed, then decent to Mr [Henry] Harts room, then breakfast. Then, after an hour or so, we sally out to see the celebration of the “Fourth of July,” down Broadway, mid the...
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