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The death of Steve Biko


Barrow-Murray, Barbara Shah, Bruce Moore, Melvin Holmes, Karen Diaz, Eduardo Yang, Eileen Sampedro, Eric Joe White, Sunny


In this clip Karen Holmes reports on the death of Steve Biko in South Africa while under police detention. The political activist and anti-apartheid campaigner is reported to have died in hospital after refusing food and water during his hunger strike in protest at apartheid in South Africa. Overall the program consists of a number of magazine-style segments, including an Eduard Diaz interview with Bettye Washington, resident of Columbia Point, Boston (known as Mothers Island) on the difficulties facing the community, "man on the street" interviews with commuters to Columbia Point and their feelings about the area, an "Open Platform" debate moderated by Melvin Moore on whether or not homosexuals should be guaranteed equal rights under the law (with debaters Reverend Margaret Ragona of the Metropolitan Community Church and William Dunham, staff member of The John Birch Society, and panel reporters Neil Miller, editor of Gay Community News, and Flora Haas, contributing writer to the Boston Phoenix, an excerpt from a performance by Al Jarreau that originally appeared in program 608, "Another Approach to Theatre," and the "Say Brother News" with Karen Holmes (on the death of Steve Biko), Eric Sampedro, Sonny Joe White, and Tanya Hart. Produced by Barbara Barrow. Directed by Bruce Shah.
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