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Impulss interview

@ Amistad Research Center


Interview with Impulss (rapper) 0:10 Upbringing in Michoud, musicians in family, Cuban immigrant family 7:35 On connecting with NO, what is special about NO 10:00 Lack of venues for hip-hop in past in NO vs now—only gong shows, talent shows, etc, Tim Smooth, MC Thick, Bust Down 15:45 His first show 20:08 His early career to being signed by Def Jam, early NO hip-hop: musicians who built NO hip-hop would never be allowed on radio in later ‘90s, Tim Smooth and Bust Down, founding fathers 23:12 Attending Art Institute of Atlanta, still story of getting to be signed 29:00 A&R at JDK records in ATL 31:00 Def Jam South, Scarface, LL Cool J, selling himself at Def Jam South, his record deal 52:00 Differences between NO and ATL hip-hop, NO bar vs ATL club culture 1:00:00 Pre/post Katrina, Media Darling 1:04:12 Early ‘90s shows at Tower Records in NO, first shows after Katrina 1:15:50 Lyricism in NO music—loss of lyricism over time 1:23:01 End of tape
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2012 06 04
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