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Evening Exchange; Sniper, Weekly News Analysis, African Culture and Development Seminar

@ WHUT-TV (Howard University Television)

Fotiyeva, Izolda Ashby, Wally Nnamdi, Kojo White, Jack N'deye, Walton J Moose, Charles Reynolds, Barbara Ramsey, Charles Engel, Margaret Hopson, Ronald E Kuhnhenn, Jim Cochran, Barbara Bethel, Alison Newman, Constance Berry Diarrah, Cheick Oumar Bruce, Beverlee Kottak, Conrad Perry, Robert


Episode Number: 2206This episode includes segments on the D.C. Sniper Attacks, Weekly News Analysis, and the African Culture and Development Seminar. First, guests discuss the random sniper shootings that are terrorizing the Washington, D.C. area and the public's criticizing of the police department for not acting quickly enough. Next, discussion continues about the D.C. sniper and if it is related to 9/11 or the impending Iraq War. Also touched upon is the vote to authorize the war on Iraq that passed without opposition from Democrats. The final segment is from the African Culture and Development seminar which brought together representatives from African nations and the United States. The panelists point out that each African country is unique and that dysfunction in one nation does not necessarily mean dysfunction for the whole continent.
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