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Samuel Eaves

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Samuel Eaves, Kaitlyn Greenidge


Connection to Weeksville: Long-time Brooklyn resident and member of Kingsborough Senior Center Samuel Eaves was born in 1919, near Ashville, North Carolina. His father was born in 1859, and probably was a slave: his grandmother was a slave in Virginia. Mr. Eaves came to New York in 1947, after serving in the army. He worked as a building supervisor, a cook, and in Maminodes Hospital. He is currently a member of the choir at the Senior Center. Mr. Eaves was involved as a plantiff in a housing discrimination case. It appears that as assistant superintendent of a building, he was called to testify in a case of race-based discrimination in housing in Brooklyn, during the 1960s.
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Samuel Eaves, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Meron Tebeje
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1859 2006
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