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Series of WSB-TV newsfilm clips of African Americans demonstrating against segregation and reporter Tom Brokaw interviewing mayor T. Griffin Walker in Americus, Georgia, 1965 July 29

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this series of WSB-TV newsfilm clips from Americus, Georgia, on July 29, 1965, African Americans demonstrate against segregation and reporter Tom Brokaw interviews city mayor T. Griffin Walker about demonstrations and race relations in Americus. The clip begins with law enforcement officers and cameramen watching African American demonstrators as they march. The demonstrators then stand in a circle in front of the Sumter County Courthouse, where they clap and sing, "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize." Willie Bolden, a Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) member working in Americus, addresses the gathering on the local, regional and global manifestations of racial conflict. "All you have to do," he says, "is go into a community and you will find problems when it comes to black-white relationships." Bolden asks the audience and the mayor to engage Americus directly as it remains a source for these problems. After a break in the clip, Mayor Walker responds vaguely to Tom Brokaw's question about plans for a conference with civil rights leaders; he clarifies that any discussions conducted with African Americans will take place with local leaders. When asked about reactions to a white demonstration held at the fairgrounds the previous evening, he conveyed appreciation that the meeting emphasized adherence to the law. Walker explains to Brokaw that some of the African American community demands, such as integrated voting, are county issues over which he has no control as mayor. He dismisses the activist strategy of boycotting white merchants, and announces that the city council...
Brokaw, TomWalker, T. Griffin (Thomas Griffin), 1910-1994Bolden, Willie, 1938
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