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Representation of the Philadelphia fish market

@ The Library Company of Philadelphia


Periodical illustration depicting the bustling market near the Camden Ferry and the Delaware River on Market Street below Water Street. Under the market shed, in the right, women peddlers sell their goods to the many milling customers. Under the adjacent canopy walkways, in the left, white men sailors and couples of men and women stroll and an African American man and woman couple argues. On the street, in the right background and center foreground, dockworkers deliver wheelbarrows of goods and a white woman peddler chases a dog stealing a fish. From the late 18th century, Philadelphia continually had a fish market below Water Street. The permanent shed, built in 1816, was torn down when the market closed in 1860.; Leslie, Sc.; Title from item.; Originally published in Gleason's pictorial drawing room companion, ca. 1852.; Leslie, most known as the publisher of "Frank Leslie's Illustrated News," began his career as an engraver at "London Illustrated News." He left the London newspaper for "Gleason's Pictorial..." where he worked from 1851 until 1853.

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