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Skip interview

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Interview with Skip of UTP (rapper) 0:04 Skip’s upbringing in Hollygrove, musical influences, church 1:37 Remembering TT Tucker, DJ Irv performing at Ghost Town, early bounce, Hollygrove—every artist had a song and a club they performed in 4:30 On his earliest performances with Juvenile, one at the Superdome 5:12 When he first met Juvenile, his first tour **good clip** 7:47 On many years joining in on cyphers, close with Black Menace—early days of Big Boy Records 8:47 Soulja Slim story 10:07 Beginning of the End album 11:44 The story behind “Nolia Clap”—originally Wacko’s street song 12:37 Importance of having a regional sound 14:00 On hearing himself on the radio for the first time 15:00 On respecting the NO early musicians: Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, and how much harder it was then 15:54 Changes in NO bounce post-Katrina 17:20 His label Ghetto Slave Records and his mixtapes 17:50 Distinct Hollygrove sound 19:40 More on history of “Nolia Clap” song and dance 20:48 End of tape
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2012 06 08
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