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Mel King with Jesse Jackson, Part 1



Campaigners hold Mel King for Mayor signs in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and sell t-shirts and caps outside Concord Baptist Church in South End. King gets out of limousine with Jesse Jackson. Inside they shake hands and raise linked arms before Rainbow Coalition press conference. King introduces Jackson as “country preacher.” Jackson recounts 20 years of progress in America toward freedom and equality. He commends King for his efforts to leverage power of black people, and endorses him for mayor of Boston. King presents Jackson with a copy of King's book, Chain of Change. Jackson takes questions about the role of minorities in the Democratic Party and his potential campaign for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination. reel 1 of 2. 1:00:04: Visual: Campaign workers for Mel King (candidate for Mayor of Boston), many of them white, hold campaign signs and sell T-shirts and buttons outside of the Concord Baptist Church in the South End. A campaign worker models his own King T-shirt, which has a campaign slogan in English, Spanish and Chinese. He helps customers find sizes among the multicolored shirts, which are displayed on a table. An Asian woman arrives with a King campaign sign in Chinese. Shot of Mel King baseball caps displayed along a fence. More campaign workers arrive with signs. Shot of the church, with campaign workers standing on the sidewalk and in the street. A truck mounted with two speakers drives along the street. The driver speaks into a microphone, alerting passersby to the arrival...
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