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Marcus Jones reports on the civil rights documentary series, Eyes on the Prize. Jones notes that Eyes on the Prize is a six-part series documenting the first decade of the civil rights movement, using historical footage and first-hand accounts to tell the story. Jones interviews Henry Hampton (documentary filmmaker). Jones notes that Hampton's production company, Blackside Incorporated, produced the series. Hampton says that the civil rights movement is often overshadowed by the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Hampton says that Eyes on the Prize attempts to tell the stories of lesser-known civil rights activists. Hampton adds that the series is a testament to the power of ordinary people to effect great changes. Jones's report is accompanied by footage from Eyes on the Prize. 1:00:12: Visual: Black and white footage of A. Philip Randolph (civil rights leader) introducing Martin Luther King (civil rights leader) at the March on Washington in 1963. Shots of the crowd on the National Mall; of King standing before the crowd. Black and white footage of King being arrested by police; of King in prison with another African American civil rights protester. Shot of white people standing in the bed of a pickup truck. The Confederate flag is draped over the side of the truck; of two white boys making racist comments while waving a small Confederate flag. Marcus Jones talks about the legacy of King. Jones notes that King was a martyr for civil rights; that he was taunted by white racists. V: Black and...
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