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Letter from Nathan Blount, Poughkeepsie, [New York], to William Lloyd Garrison, 1835 Sep[tember] 21st

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Blount, Nathan


Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.On verso, the letter is addressed to "Mr. William Lloyd Garrison (31) Corn-Hill Boston Mass."Nathan Blount writes to William Lloyd Garrison asking about a bill he received for the Liberator, noting that "several" of his subscribers also received bills for their subscriptions "with a threat of doscontinuing the Liberator" if it was not settled by October. Blount confesses he is "at a loss how to account for this" and states that he has "ever endeavoured to do all I could to keep the Liberator from suffering by means," telling Garrison that he considers "it to be the providence of God" that he became an agent for the paper. He then outlines the history of how he became acquainted with Garrison and the Liberator, noting that after hearing Garrison speak he "abandoned all idea of goin[g] to Africa" and "became one of the most bitter opposers of the Liberian scheme and have remain[ed] so." Blount then details some of his payments to Garrison and asks him for an "account of all the money that have been sent by me."
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