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Thomas Butler Gunn Diaries: Volume 6, page 159, October 8-9, 1853

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Describes a stop in Nashville, Tennessee, on his way to Louisiana by horseback. Transcription: place of the ones the Mammoth-Cave-destroyed ones [boots], and a big patch in the rear of my blue-breeks, of a very different color. However the coat concealed it. Neat, summery houses about the town out-skirts, with gardens about them. Few handsome, stirring stores, with plate glass or decoration; at least I saw none. In the Evening with [Oliver] Kellam & Maurice Keene to a n----- minstrel Entertainment. Rhymes bedevilling Mrs [Harriet Beecher] Stowe introduced. Also a comment on my beard, the which appeared unique amid the assemblage. 9 8 Sunday. A sweltering, cloudless day, dust thick underfoot, as by 10 we are off again. Soon Kellam discovers he has left his purse in the room at the hotel, and turns back for it, bidding us ride on, to be rejoined by him. We do so, by quiet, hot roads, occasionally meeting a party of gaily-dressed negroes proceeding townwards. By 1 o’clock we arrive at a deserted farm house, and in the orchard adjacent prepare for our luch lunch. Keene Richards horse being left untended, he gallops off retracing the road, his owner mounts and spurs after him; and presently Maurie Keene after both. In half an hour they return with the runaway quadruped; and soon Kellam appears; having recovered his purse, and also gone out of his road considerably. All lunched, then to horse again. Big white mare escapes and runs back, pursued by Kellam, who...
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