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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of an Atlanta civil rights march protesting alleged police brutality in Selma, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, 1965 March 16

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this WSB newsfilm clip from Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 1965, civil rights demonstrators march from Ebenezer Baptist Church and from Atlanta University Center to the federal courthouse to protest alleged police brutality in Selma, Alabama. The clip is frequently dark, and the audio is inconsistent. A group of demonstrators including African Americans, white citizens, and nuns in religious habits appear to line up behind someone carrying an American flag; many of the demonstrators carry picket signs. Picket sign slogans throughout the march include "Let's make [President] Johnson's words reality," "Jim Clark [Dallas County, Alabama sheriff] must go!" "One man one vote"; "Stop police killings"; "Gas is Nazism," and "State Police don't beat registered voters." A man stands in front of a banner for the "Metropolitan Atlanta Civil Council"; later another man uses a microphone attached to a car to read from a text, and afterwards the demonstrators begin to march. Cars appear to follow the protesters who walk on the road's median, and people stand on the overpass above the demonstration. A few demonstrators carry a banner with the phrase "Atlanta U Students are here." A small amount of protesters wear armbands with an "M" on them, possibly signifying that they are marshals for the demonstration. Another banner has the slogan "St. Martin's Human Relations Council." St. Martin's was the archdiocese in Atlanta. The demonstration had two branches, one leaving from the Atlanta University Center and the other from Ebenezer Baptist Church. Both meet at the federal courthouse...
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