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Carol Jarrett and Catherine Terry

@ Weeksville Heritage Center

Carol Jarrett, Catherine Terry, Camille Villaroel


Carol Jarrett and Catherine Terry were interviewed at the Weeksville Heritage Center by the Kingsborough Senior Center’s Director, Camille Villaroel. Both Jarrett and Terry emigrated to Brooklyn from the Caribbean. Terry is originally from Honduras and Jarrett is originally from Slippery Gut, Jamaica. Jarrett was born March 23, 1922 and Terry was born April 18, 1925. Jarrett recalls growing up in Jamaica with her three brothers and two sisters. In 1952. She was married in Portland, Buff Bay, Jamaica, at the Buff Bay Baptist Church Christian Endeavor School. She has six children, five sons and one daughter, 16 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Ms. Jarrett worked for many years as a school teacher in Jamaica, traveling back and forth from Jamaica to the United States starting in 1968. She stayed with two of her aunts, who lived on Decatur Street in Brooklyn. In 1986, she moved to New York permanently. She is a member of Berean Baptist Church. Originally born in La Saba, Honduras, Terry also lived in the capitol, Tegucigalpa, where she worked as a seamstress, at one time serving as seamstress for the United States Ambassador’s wife. She had four sisters and two brothers, five children and seven grandchildren. While living in La Saba, Terry was treasurer of her local government, and was instrumental in building a canal for her town. Terry came to the United States in 1965, and first settled in the Bronx. She moved to Brooklyn in 1968. Terry also worked as a Sunday school teacher...
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Carol Jarrett, Catherine Terry, Camille Villaroel, Meron Tebeje
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