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WALB newsfilm clip of James H. Gray asserting the outsider-run Civil Rights movement is bound to fail in Albany, Georgia, 1962 July 18

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WALB (Television station : Albany, Ga.)


In this WALB newsfilm clip from July 18, 1962, James H. Gray, owner of the local newspaper (The Albany Herald) and television station (WALB), asserts that the Albany Movement "is bound to fail" because it is an imposition of outsiders and not an expression of local desires. Gray begins by condemning the "get-rich politicians and social quacks' he views as the instigators of civil rights efforts in Albany. The "Albany Movement," he states, "does not belong to Albany." He suggests that outsiders came to Albany with their marches and demonstrations "seeking profit." Gray explains that the foundation of Albany racial relations includes "strength, and nerve, and integrity." He concludes by asserting that the city "will never, never make a deal with deceit." While African Americans had sought to begin dialog with the white community, Albany city officials refused to hold bi-racial discussions, characterizing the protesters as "outsiders" or "law-breakers." From time to time, Gray, as owner of The Albany Herald, wrote editorials against local African American leaders, denouncing the president of Albany State College for holding a voter registration rally and publishing the home address of Dr. William G. Anderson, president of the Albany Movement.The Civil Rights Digital Library received support from a National Leadership Grant for Libraries awarded to the University of Georgia by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for digital conversion and description of the WALB News Film collection.Title provided by cataloger.

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