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Denise Nicholas interview

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Nicholas, Denise


Connie and Denise begin the interview discussing the context of the novel and how Denise became inspired to write the work based on her experience during Freedom Summer. They proceed to talk about Denise’s research trip back to Mississippi in the current era and how the environment remains somewhat racially tense before returning to the plot of the book and the gendered and racialized ethos of the U.S. South. Connie and Denise go on to consider the influence of Leontyne Price in Denise’s work before considering the value of girls in the narrative. Connie has Denise read a passage from the book, and they reflect on the relationships in the novel in the context of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as which contemporary issues could be addressed today by the main character. Connie closes the interview requesting an autograph for her copy of the book.
Martinson, Connie
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