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The Separate or "Jim Crow" Car Laws or Legislative Enactments of Fourteen Southern States: Together with the Report and Order of the Interstate Commerce Commission to segregate Negro or 'Colored' passengers on railroad trains and in railroad stations

@ Tennesse State Library and Archives

Boyd, R.H


This publication is basically a travel guide for African Americans for train segregation laws in each of the Southern states.The introduction states that this little pocket-sized volume is 'to be a constant companion in the pocket or hand of every self-respecting, law-abiding Negro who is compelled to travel by rail in any of the fourteen states of the Union that have passed separate or "jim crow" car laws for the purpose of humiliating and degrading the Negro race." The Tennessee portion of this little book lists the portion of Tennessee Code and Acts that lay out specific laws regarding segregation on trains to maintain the "separate but equal" ideal.
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