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Letter from James Forten, Philadelphia, [Pennsylvania], to William Lloyd Garrison, 1832 May 6th

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Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.An extract from this letter is published in the Liberator of May 12, 1832 (Vol. II, no. 19) under the title, "Extract of a letter from a colored gentleman in Philadelphia:"James Forten writes to William Lloyd Garrison discussing a work Garrison is about to publish (likely his "Thoughts on African Colonization"), sharing his hope that it "may be the means of opposing, in full, the exact views of the Colonization Society towards the people of color." Forten despairs over the popularity of the American Colonization Society but reminds himself "that ours is the cause of justice" and "we may steadily, though perhaps slowly, raise our barrier against this encroaching torrent of colonization, and before it is too late, check its course." Forten warns that the popluarity of colonization will hinder the sale of Garrison's pamphlet but suggests that if he sends some to Philadelphia "they would perhaps sell well, at any rate they would attract public notice". He tells Garrison that his "friends are not inactive in endeavoring to obtain subscribers" for the Liberator and thanks him for sending him the "Discourse of the Rev. Mr. [Samuel Joseph] May."
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