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Ernest Vandiver: Hunter-Holmes controversy

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WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this WSB newsfilm clip from a press conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on January 13, 1961, Georgia governor Ernest Vandiver states his position on the 1961 Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes controversy. He notes that he recognizes the "imminent danger presented to the public peace by the presence of plaintiffs" on the University of Georgia campus.Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes hold a place in Georgia civil rights history as the first two African American students admitted to the University of Georgia. Judge William Bootle, a U.S. District Court judge, issued a ruling on January 6, 1961, stating that the "plaintiffs [Hunter and Holmes] are qualified for and entitled to immediate enrollment at the University of Georgia." Hunter and Holmes arrived on the UGA campus on January 9, 1961, to register for classes. Two days later, after a basketball game, a crowd gathered outside Hunter's dormitory, smashing windows with bottles and bricks. The University of Georgia suspended both Hunter and Holmes, supposedly for their own safety. Days later, after a new court order was issued, the students returned to campus and resumed their classes.

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