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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of Mayor Ivan Allen commenting that African Americans are locked into poverty by discrimination, Atlanta, Georgia, 1968 March 1

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WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this WSB newsfilm clip from March 1, 1968, Atlanta mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. comments on the published findings of the U.S. National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders.The clip begins with Allen speaking at a press conference, where he projects the city's future use of state or federal aid awarded for the implementation of recommendations established by the U.S. National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. He emphasizes that the city will "do everything that we possibly can to assure that there will be complete law and order in this city during this coming summer as well as subsequent years." A reporter comments "There are a lot of poor white people in America, and the report, of course dealt with Negro rioting." He then asks "Do you think there is a danger of the poor whites being forgotten in our concern for the Negro?" Allen responds that he thinks that although the report focuses on rioting in African American neighborhoods, it also recognizes the problem of poverty in America as a whole. He then defines what he considers to be the differences between white and African American poverty. "Of course the difference between white poverty and Negro poverty is white poverty has always had the opportunity to move out of the area of poverty, whereas by segregation and discrimination the Negro in the past has been confined legally, by laws almost, into the area of poverty. There was the difference between having hope and opportunity, and having hope and opportunity denied...
Allen, Ivan, 1911-2003
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