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This episode's headline: Ending the Quagmire; Kansas City - A Billion Dollar Gamble; Boeing - Turbulence; True Champion. The guests include MILE AKMADZIC, Bosnian Croat Delegation; RADOVAN KARADZIC, Bosnian Serb Leader; RUSSELL CLARK, U.S. District Judge; SAMANTHA JONES, Student; BEN DAVIS, Student; ERIN RILEY, Student; WALTER MARKS, Superintendent, KC Schools; EUGENE EUBANKS, Desegregation Monitoring Committee; TOMMIE HART, Parent; ARTHUR BENSON, Lawyer; DAVE JENSEN, Boeing Worker; BRUCE SPALDING, Boeing Worker; THOMAS BROWN, Pres., Eldec Corporation; BILL CURRY, Boeing Spokesperson; BILL WHITLOW, Pacific Crest Securities; RICHARD CONWAY, Economist; BLAKE NORDSTROM, VP, Nordstrom; JOHN NANCE, Airline Industry Analyst; JEFF SHIRLEY, Boeing Worker; CORRESPONDENTS: TOM BEARDEN; GREG HIRAKAWA; ROGER ROSENBLATT. Byline: In New York: ROBERT MacNeil; In Washington: JAMES LEHRER
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