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WSB-TV newsfilm clip of governor Ernest Vandiver and mayor William B. Hartsfield responding to the full-page advertisement "An Appeal for Human Rights" published in newspapers by a student civil rights group in Atlanta, Georgia, 1960 March 9

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WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.)


In this WSB newsfilm clip from Atlanta, Georgia on March 9, 1960, Georgia governor Ernest Vandiver and Atlanta mayor William B. Hartsfield respond to "An Appeal for Human Rights," a full-page advertisement published in each of the Atlanta daily newspapers by the All-University Student Leadership Group, a student-led civil rights organization. The clip's audio breaks out at several points; comments by individuals may not be completely recorded. The clip begins with governor Ernest Vandiver's critical response to "An Appeal for Human Rights." Referring to the advertisement as a "left-wing statement," Vandiver calls upon "those who would cause hatred, strife, and discord" in Atlanta and in Georgia to stop their actions which he believes will benefit no one. Next, Atlanta mayor William B. Hartsfield responds to the same document and calls Atlanta "a city too busy ... to hate." He expresses appreciation for the advertisement as it lets "the white community know what others are thinking." After Hartsfield's statements, governor Vandiver further condemns "An Appeal for Human Rights," citing "the same overtones which are usually found in anti-American propaganda pieces" as evidence that it was not written by college students. Chastising the students who published the statement for not recognizing and respecting their privilege of a college education, Vandiver outlines the benefits enjoyed by African American teachers and students in Georgia. Vandiver charges that only increased and expanded job opportunities can raise the state's standard of living. He emphasizes the individual's responsibility to achieve "opportunity and acceptance in society" through innovation,...
Hartsfield, William BerryVandiver, S. Ernest (Samuel Ernest), 1918-2005
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