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"This Museum Is about American Identity as Much as It Is About African American History": An Interview with Lonnie G. Bunch

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Bogues, Anthony Bunch, Lonnie G National Museum of African American History and Culture Presidential Commission on the Development of the National Museum of African American History and Culture


Smithsonian History BibliographyIn this interview of Lonnie Bunch, Director of the National Museum of African American History, Bogues discusses many topics. The process of getting to the position of being able to build the museum, as well as deciding what the museum was going to be about and the curatorial processes behind the museum are discussed. Bunch speaks on the difficulties of portraying the message of the museum and what makes this museum distinct from other Smithsonian museums. They discussed why Bunch decided to go into the museum field and what role museums had in public curriculum.Callaloo Vol 38 JournalInstitutional History Division, Smithsonian Institution Archives, 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20024-2520,
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