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WALB newsfilm clip of mayor Asa D. Kelley outlining the points of a temporary restraining order against civil rights leaders in Albany, Georgia, 1962 July 21

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

WALB (Television station : Albany, Ga.)


In this WALB newsfilm clip from July 21, 1962, Albany, Georgia mayor Asa D. Kelley speaks to reporters from his office and later outside City Hall regarding the temporary restraining order obtained by Albany city officials from J. Robert Elliott, the judge for the United States district court for the Middle District of Georgia against civil rights demonstrations and boycotts. Kelley explains that if individuals named in the injunction choose to ignore the restraining order, the city will file a petition with Judge Elliott citing the civil rights leaders for contempt. In addition to the restraining order of the injunction, Kelley reminds the reporters that the city will arrest those who violate local ordinances. "The city of Albany," he says, "still is in command of the city. We are the governing authority of the city, and intend to remain such." Later in the clip, Kelley answers reporters' questions outside city hall; he explains that the city will only recognize "local, law-abiding citizens." Kelley continues by stating that that any grievances that either the city or the civil rights leaders might have are now the responsibility of the federal court. When a reporter asks if the city is unable to satisfactorily resolve issues with the Albany Movement, Kelley responds that matters pending in court are the court's responsibility. Another reporter asks Kelley if the city's stand will cause more demonstrations; Kelley replies that he could see no reason for either previous or further demonstrations, contending that African Americans have always had...

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