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Oral history interview with Bobby and Margo Cain, 2007 June 13

@ Nashville Public Library


Excerpts from an interview with civil rights movement participant Robert "Bobby" Cain, Jr., and his wife, Margo Cain, conducted on 13 June 2007 by Gwen Smith. Cain, one of the "Clinton 12," was the first African-American student to graduate from an integrated public high school in the South, in the late spring of 1957 at Clinton High School in Anderson County, Tennessee. In the excerpts, Cain discusses the mood of the community prior to his first day of school during the desegregation of Clinton High School in 1956-1957; the violent mob attack on Reverend Paul Turner after escorting the twelve students to school; and the Green McAdoo Cultural Center. Margo Cain discusses two media sources about her husband as well as talking about her grandmother's introduction to him when they were students at Tennessee State University. The complete interview is available in the Special Collections Division.
Sound Oral Histories
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