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Mandela initiative, take 2



Marcus Jones reports that supporters of the proposed city of Mandela, Massachusetts, are raising the issue again. Voters rejected the 1986 proposal to incorporate the Greater Roxbury neighborhood into a new city. Supporters of the proposal have put together a video to educate voters about the benefits of forming a new city, by Maverick Video. Andrew Jones (Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project) is shown in the video. Interview with Curtis Davis (Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project) about the video and about the Mandela proposal. The referendum question on Mandela will be on the ballot again this year. Review of the boundaries of the proposed city and the specifics of the proposal. Marcus Jones notes that the 1986 referendum question received national media attention. Marcus Jones' report includes footage of Davis, Andrew Jones and other Mandela supporters at a press conference in 1986 and footage from an episode of the Phil Donahue Show in 1986 with community leaders Mel King (community activist), Andrew Jones, Charles Stith (Union United Methodist Church), and Bruce Bolling (Boston City Council). Marcus Jones reports that the referendum question has not received as much media coverage this year. He adds that Mandela supporters may try again in the future if the referendum question is defeated again this year. Jones' report includes footage from Say Brother of Andrew Jones talking about Mandela and footage of Bruce Bolling at a press conference. This edition of the Ten O'Clock News also included the following item:Members of Boston's African American community voice their...
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